Welcome to IKSON Tooling&Molding

IKSON mould is experience of mold making andinjection molding factory. We mold maker teams are precision mold experienceand mostly export mold standard. We are 90% percent molds and parts are exportto USA and Europe.

Mould standard:
We are known well DME and HASCO, Strack, FUTABA etc standard. Moulds areusing DME and HASCO components and LKM mould base.

Mould Steel:
Many kinds of  mould steels are used before, such as S136, S136H and 738,718, 718H from Sweden, NAK80 from Japan and P20, 420, H13 etc.

We made many moulds with full hardened steel forall plates and inserts. We also has experience to make fast prototype molds.

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